wildlife2A favorite topic for many Envirothon participants, students learn firsthand from wildlife experts about animal populations and their dynamics, and the importance of habitat conservation.

The information below is designed to assist you in preparing for the wildlife section of this year’s New Hampshire Envirothon. The wildlife section will evaluate your knowledge of general wildlife biology and basic wildlife management. You will need to understand basic ecology and habitat management concepts and principles. In addition, you should become familiar with this year’s theme, Agriculture Soil and Water Conservation Stewardship, as it relates to wildlife.

Study Resources
Wildlife Test Objectives and Species Identification List
Fish Dichotomous Key

Ecological Concepts and Wildlife Management Techniques (concentrate on pages 5-15, 43-45, and 118-141)
Federal Aid in Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program
New England Wildlife: Habitat, Natural History, and Distribution (for species only on the 2017 wildlife list – available through Amazon)

Online Resources
New Hampshire Wildlife Action Plan – Types of Habitats and Associated Species

  • Hemlock Hardwood Pine Forest
  • Grasslands
  • Marsh & Shrub Wetlands
  • Warmwater Lakes and Pond

New Hampshire Wildlife Profiles – Information specific to wildlife species that live in New Hampshire, includes frog calls.
Wildlife Physical and Behavioral Adaptations
Background on the Farm Bill and Wildlife Connection
Cornell lab of Ornithology – An online in depth information, pictures, maps and sound to North American Birds.
eNature Online Field Guide – An online field guide to wildlife species that includes pictures, sound, and description. May not include all the species on the NH Envirothon wildlife list.
The Field Guide to Wildlife Habitats of the Eastern United States – Benyus, Janine M. 1989.
Ecology – A Guide to the Study of Ecosystems

Past Year Exams:
2016 Test Key
2015 Test Key
2014 Test Key
2013 Test Key
2012 Test Key


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