Environmental Sciences Teacher Workshop – November 30

An instructor showing three high school students about soil testing. Each student has a soil sample in hand. The group is outside in the woods.

Join the science experts behind NH Envirothon for a full-day of hands-on contact hours! Geared towards middle and high school teachers, participants will gain valuable knowledge in
the areas of Aquatics, Forestry and Soils. The workshop is just $15 and includes lunch. Scholarships and continuing education credits are available!

Thursday, November 30, 2017
8:30 AM-2:30 PM
Elm Brook Park Log Cabin

Hopkinton, NH

Registration deadline: November 17.
Download the workshop flier to register.

Highlights of the day will include:


  • Sampling biological and chemical parameters to characterize water quality.
  • Mapping technology to delineate and study a watershed.
  • Understanding the potential impact of competing uses of aquatic ecosystems.
  • Understanding water resource use and management such as dams, floods, droughts, etc.


  • Understanding forestry terms such as diameter breast height, basal area, forest stand and more.
  • Recognizing silviculture and the four silvicultural systems (clearcut, seed tree, single tree selection and shelter wood).
  • Identifying trees native specifically to New Hampshire.
  • Using a Biltmore stick for tree log height, diameter measurement and volume calculation.


  • Recognizing and understanding the five factors of soil formation, parent materials, soil horizons and soil properties.


  • Recognizing credible sources, disseminating large amounts of scientific data in a clear and concise way, using web-based
    tools to create maps and figures, and delivering effective oral presentations.

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